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Meet the author and art:

Oi! The Ecologist Toucan and his friends


The only yellow toucan on Earth, extinct and an Atlantic Forest native, he grew up surrounded by friends in a forest that was a victim of cities’ growing and pollution. This is Oi! The Ecologist Toucan, created by cartoonist and writer Fernando Rebouças. Besides protecting the Atlantic Forest, Oi! get into adventures with his friends to defend other biomes too (ecosystems set), in a difficult mission to discover and protect fauna and flora (biocoenosis); and all elements from the physical environment (biotope).

Whether in Brazil or elsewhere in the world, the Oi! cartoon and comic strips discuss Brazilian and global ecological issues, in an easy and funny language in order to bring a good content to all ages of readers. As a typical cartoon character, which makes people laugh or be touched about different ecological and cultural themes, Oi! and his friends have been published by printed and digital media vehicles in Brazil and abroad, including being translated to other languages.

In 2000, Oi! and his friends launched their three books by two “carioca” (name given to someone/something that comes from Rio de Janeiro city) publishers and, since 2011, through the independent label Fernando Rebouças Editorial. Also the Oi! stories began to be published in series of colorful comic books printed with limited edition and distributed initially on Internet and in bookstores. In February 2012, Fernando Rebouças printed Oi! The Toucan Ecologist comic book number 3, “Nas Águas de Guana-Bará” (In the Guana-bará waters), celebrating the Oi! 20th birthday.

Apart from Oi! The ecologist Toucan, the group of friends is composed by Nhoca, a curious and funny red worm; Falei, a pumpkin-colored toucan also extinct and responsible for the scientific explanations of the group; Jaboíno, a sea urchin eater; Panpizinho, a blue lizard which human science never cataloged; the sloth Maria Preguiça, always lazy and attentive; Dona Tauratuga, the gardener turtle; Timdá, the clever anteater; Quatit, an always willing to help raccoon; Pilo, a mouse of the woods that always lurks; Vô Nhoco, the Nhoca grandfather and a deep earth knowledgeable; Mimi, a Nhoca friend that assumes the feminine side of the earthworms; and the bear Doutor Urso, an exotic species who always visit the friends and assists in medical issues. Oi! and his friends still has the comics’core from Sapatudo, a little green frog who loves to gobble flies, and the Formigueiras, a group of ants that brings together the queen Rainha Matilda, Pimbo, Amarilda, Nina and Mino.

All characters (including images, text, profile and objective) are a Fernando Rebouças’creation registered at the Copyright Office, National Library, Ministry of Culture, and then prohibited from copying, republication, marketing or distribution without the prior permission of the author.

Fernando Rebouças

Referred as the father of Oi! The Ecologist Toucan, Fernando Rebouças is a designer, cartoonist and writer. Graduated in Advertising and Marketing and with a master in Editorial Production, he devotes his time to create his own comics while works with illustration for some publishing houses and as advertising writer. Fernando Rebouças also is a columnist of different vehicles, where he writes about general affairs and his writings and drawings can be found in magazines, newspapers, websites and books from various publishers. Besides studying and defending environmental causes, he also advocates for a better national comic publishing market. The character Oi! was created in Rebouças’ childhood and has won over a lot of fans around Brazil and abroad since he started to publish it! To know what the press is talking about Oi! history and Fernando Rebouças, access the link "Press" available at the end of this page.

The website

The Oi! The Ecologist Toucan’s first website was created in October 2011, but after having some issues with the host (that finished it services), the page was hosted in the address, where achieved the record of 900 accesses in just one day in 2002. At the same year, it was published the first Oi! cartoon sketch in flash. But following its growth, the website migrated for its own domain named page in 2004, the In 2008, due to the big files and graphic layouts, finally the website started being hosted by professional hosts.

Final thoughts

Developing a clean art in favour of the Brazilian ecology and culture to the World has always been a challenge that called for Fernando’s big efforts and dedication. Being an artist, in this case, is also a challenge, thinking the ecology in a playful manner is a mission and being a cartoonist has been a Godsend. For all my readers that follow and read Oi! The Ecologist Toucan and his friends stories, I would like to sincerely thank you.


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Translation by Carolina Beal, brazilian journalist resident in England.